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Hear what members, and staff have to say about the Bulldogs Army and The Kennel.
  • There is no better fan than a bulldogs fan:)
  • ...And the @BulldogsArmy and every @NRL_Bulldogs fan were so loud def got us home even tho it wasn't our home ground :) #loveyouguys #dogforlife
  • …I wanted to find those banner holders, and shake the hands of those die-hards, and tell them just how much they lifted me. I’d been chatting with a few online during the off-season and by game day I had been welcomed like a lost family member. It instantly felt like the warmth from “home”.
  • …I have experienced the highs and lows of being a Bulldogs supporter, but with a bunch Bulldogs Army fanatics. We celebrate as one if we win and commiserate as one if we lose.