Why did you join the Bulldogs Army?

My first year as a Bulldogs member was in 2007 when my mates bought a season membership pass in General Admission for my 21st. As I sat by myself not knowing anyone in GA, I’d hear the atmosphere from ‘The Kennel’ bay and would wonder what it would be like to sit amongst a group of fanatics each home game. The next year I made the decision to change my seating allocation and move into the ‘The Kennel – Bulldogs Army’.

Four years on, I can honestly say it has been the BEST decision I have made for a number of reasons.

• Category Two Seats!!

• The opportunity to meet other supporters and sit with a group of nutters

• To be involved with the various chants and create an atmosphere that no one can match

• To hold your banners/flags to support the team you love

I have made some awesome friendships, experienced the highs and lows of football but most of all cherished each moment I sit with the Bulldogs Army.

Why should others join us?

Bulldogs supporters or members who currently do not sit with the Bulldogs Army should join us because we are a passionate bunch of diehards who go to games (home/away) to support our team. We would love to have as many people on board so we can be a force in years to come.

We are a friendly bunch and we are happy to accommodate anyone who supports the blue and white to join the Bulldogs Army.

What do we do that other groups don’t do?

I honestly don’t know much about what other supporter groups do, but from what I have been involved in, we have been proactive in organising interstate away trips (Melbourne & Gold Coast) or road trips to Canberra and Newcastle.

The most pleasing thing is to see the buses organised by various Bulldogs members filling up to capacity. This is shown by our most recent bus trip to the nation’s capital.

If the NRL schedule draws a game in NZ next year, the Army will look towards planning a trip to head across the Tasman to watch our beloved team play against the Warriors.

The Bulldogs Army also has BBQs, touch footy games and dinners etc.

We also suggested to the club to introduce ‘The Kennel’ scarf and this has been successful with the number of supporters purchasing this item through the club.

What has been your best moment being a Bulldogs Army member?

My top three memorable moments as a Bulldogs Army member are:

• Receiving Ben Hannant’s football boots after our final game at Brookvale last year. I always brought ‘The Polar Express’ banner to the games, and he would give me the thumbs up after each game. I had it in my mind to give him the banner after this game, but he unexpectedly gave me his pair of Nike boots for a trade of the banner and I have cherished it ever since.

• The final home games for Luke ‘General’ Patten and Brett ‘Noddy’ Kimmorley. Even though we lost the game against Penrith on a Monday, many Bulldog supporters stayed to wish both players well for the future.

• The record home attendance crowd for Hazem El Masri’s last home game at ANZ Stadium. It was a fitting tribute for a legend of the game that has done so much off the field as he did on the field.

What has your experience been so far?

The experience has been amazing. As I have mentioned earlier, I have experienced the highs and lows of being a Bulldogs supporter, but with a bunch Bulldogs Army fanatics. We celebrate as one if we win and commiserate as one if we lose.

Many people may not know but after the game against the Wests Tigers at Campbelltown on Friday, the Bulldogs Army headed towards the fence, once all the players had shook hands with opposition players, Captain Andrew ‘Bobcat’ Ryan led his troops to ‘hi five’, shake hands and hug the supporters.

After the week of hell Bobcat wanted to thank and show his appreciation to all the fans who travelled to watch the game in Campbelltown on Friday night. This is something which may not have been captured on the television screens, this is something that Bulldog Army members can be apart of.

Personally I know the Bulldogs Army is growing and the club has it in mind to convert Bulldogs supporters to members. We look to continue to build this Army base bigger and hopefully we can be the biggest supporter base in Australia in years to come!